Saturday, February 27, 2010

Who do you encounter?

Friday morning....or should I start with Thursday night....
I went to bed late again. I try to go to bed early but then I end up staying up too late. Then Friday morning I didn't want to get up for early morning duty! I was not in the best mood when I left the house but thinking about that is was Friday...i perked up.

Then I arrived at work! Sometimes I arrive at work in a good humor..good mood....then the stress of the day hits and my mood changes. Surely somebody knows what I am talking about and this is not just me! It really doesn't matter what your job is can happen!

So my patience were thin, my stress level was up, and we were out of our normal routine! Everything and everybody seemed to get on my nerve ....the last one!

We finally got the day started and things began to change. I was around some new little people.. There bright smiles and excitement began to change my mood. We sang and talked it was fun. By the time we arrived at our destination, I was in a better mood!

On our trip, I encounted more new people. Then something Bro. Randy(my pastor) talked about a few Sundays ago popped up in my mind. He has been preaching about witnessing. He challenged us to watch for opportunites. That person at the gas pump. The person in the line. Remembering all this got me to thinking. There would be people I would encounter this day..February 25 that I had never encounted before and probably would never again. It changed my day.

We toured a building and rode a bus. A lady in the building was impressed with our group. Another lady questioned what we did. I talked to the bus driver and listened to his story. Then the operations manager shared her story with me. Then yet another lady got on the bus and we talked. Then the next place we stopped I visited with the man who worked there. I didn't share much with them but a smile, an ear, and a friendly chat. But I believe that my warmth...God's Holy Spirit.....impressed on them.

Another thing that changed my day was my little people. Some of them probably have never experienced the fun we did yesterday. I watched as their faces lit up as they were playing. I was part of that! Sometimes my job is hard, sometimes I wonder why I do what I do, sometimes I get tired but then I have days like this and I know the answers to all those questions.

So my day went from grouchy...ugh...I wish the day was a smile.....a lesson learned....and a wonderful day!

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