Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I was given an award today for my blog....Thanks Melissa!

So in return I am going to answer the same 10 Best things....
1. Best Ever Meal. I absolutely love my mom's deer steak smothered in gravy with rice.

2. Best Ever Sleep. The best ever sleep I can's always the night on the way home from Sioux Falls when we stay at the hotel after sleeping on air mattresses for a week. Best ever!

3. Best cup of coffee...honestly...don't like it.

4. Best Romantic Moment....ugh...I cannot admit it or at least I'm not ready too! ;)

5. Best childhood memory moment....I can remember every fall my mom would get out and rake leaves and we were "forced to help!" It was our job to move the leaves on a sheet from the piles she raked to the ditch. When we finished, we could jump into the huge pile. I still think of it when I smell leaves burning!

6. Best moment of your of right now...stepping on the scales when I had lost 100 pounds.

7. Best moment of revenge....I think it will come at my 20 year reunion when I get the award for most changed and the girls who were always little will not be their high school weight. That is terrible. (side note....everyone was always good to me in high school.)

8. Best thing someone has done for me......recently....someone told me I was beautiful. It made my day.

9. Best thing you have done for someone else....I would say that Secret Santa for my friend Chas is one of the best things. It was so fun to sneak around!

10. Best life changing moment...I'm still in the process of it now!
I wish I could nominate someone else but I don't read too many other blogs!

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Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo!!! Great list. Although I'm pretty sure your most life changing moment was getting a job babysitting these two adorable kids.....the girl was pretty sweet, but that boy...well...