Sunday, June 6, 2010

Thoughts of myself

I was in Walmart today and had an encounter with a really nice looking guy. Of course I smiled and he smiled back. We exchanged hellos and walked on.

This little episode got me to thinking. It was not negative thinking just reality.

People who have known me from the 438 point until now think I look amazing. They know the old girl and see this beautiful new girl who is on her way to a "hot body" but more importantly a healthy body.

I started thinking today about the new people I've met. I ask myself "Do they see a big girl?" Sadly the answer is yes. As far as I have come there is still a road ahead that I have to walk to get to the point of people seeing me as an average size person. I have tendency to want to tell people what I've lost and show them pictures.

I need to learn to stand on who I am now, where I am going, and not where I started. I'm going to be OK.