Saturday, January 3, 2009

Relating our lives

Yesterday I spent most of the day at home. I decided to search Weight Watchers on YouTube. I really found some interesting people. I found people who vlog, yes, vlog. Video blogging. I also found segments from national TV shows. It was all very interesting.

I watched videos most of the day. Watching these made me realize I am not alone, I can do it, and how grateful that I should be for family and friends. I am going to make some comments today that may sound judgemental. It is not intended to be. It is more about evaluating my own situation and learning from it.

I had heard about this first lady and had seen her on TV. She was on ABC Morning Show with Diana Sawyer. She is truly an inspirational story. She has lost over 500 hundred pounds. She weighed over 700 lbs. She now weights 170. She has been on Oprah. It was an amazing thing. After a birthday present from her sister, her life changed. No it wasn't a personal trainer. It was a computer; something she could put her focus on besides food. She said she had not been out of the apartment for 12 years hold. I am so glad to have friends and family that would get me out of the house after a few days. I am so glad that at my biggest I was still active. For her it was not magic diet, it was changing her focus. Her story gives me courage. I know that if a 40 something year old lady who had to 500 pounds to drop can do it so can I!

Another lady was on the Joy Fit Club. She lost 240 pounds in 18 months. She could fit her whole body into one leg of her old jeans. It was so amazing how different she looked. I see me in her because she has struggled with weight loss for a long time...since childhood. What was so interesting about her was that she became so obsessed with dieting that she became anorexic. She had to learn to quit eating the bad things and to eat enough of the good things. She is healthy now- right where she needs to be. Her story reminds me that I have to know that this has to be a lifestyle change and not a diet.

I don't know how many times I have texted Diana during a WW meeting. Mostly when a skinny girl walks in. UGH! Seriously, I know that someones 20 extra pounds is as hard to lose as my 200 pounds I need to shed. NO fear! I did find a girl who has a YouTube vlog that didn't make me go UGH. I watched all her videos from Weigh-in 1 to Weigh-in 25. She started around the same time I did but with much less weight to loss. Again I didn't say UGH. I realize that our struggle is the same - unhealthy weight. No matter the number, we both have to lose. She was very encouraging. I didn't watch all 25 videos! But I watched enough and I hope that she reaches her goal and becomes a lifetime member.

One of my favorites is a lady who lost 213 pounds. Why do I like her? A few reasons. I am actually a about 75 pounds heavier than her when we both started. But when I look at her I see me. I actually showed someone the picture of her and they said that looks like you. When I saw the after picture of her, I said I can be that size. Another reason I like her is because she used Weight Watchers. It worked for her. It is working for me. I guess it all comes down to the fact that I can relate to her.

Kim, Nancy, Amy, whoever.... Laura -that's me. I cannot wait until the day that someone is writing about me. The day that my life relates to theirs.