Monday, February 15, 2010

Before and after

I've been staring at these pictures. It is so strange to look at them side by side. I am really seeing the change. Someone said this week that "I glow!" Heck yeah I glow...I've lost a person!

As I was typing this someone commented again on my FB about my glow! I told her that I love life and I am happy! I think I'll keep glowing!


Melissa said...
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Anonymous said...

I don't even remember the person in the first picture! Amazing!!

You are definitely more shiny and radiant now. It was always there, but you let it shine through way more now than before.


Patsy said...

That is incredible - "well done" doesn't really seem adequate!

Your blogging buddy, Melissa, sent me across to say "Hello". She thought we had a lot in common from looking at my blog... I will follow your and have a proper read later. :o)

Bye for now

Patsy x

Allie said...

Hey, I'm stopping by from Melissa's blog. Way to go on your weight loss, you look great, you must be so proud of yourself. Keep up the great work, you rock!

April said...

Hi! Found you through Melissa(Adventures in Living Life)
Congratulations on your weight loss!!
What an amazing accomplishment!

Melissa said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey girlie. Looks like the 5K on 3/27 is cancelled. We might have to do the one on 3/13. Does that fit into your schedule??


cmoursler said...

I am over here cause melissa asked me to pop in and see your blog.
You have come so far. You have done so much already.
I started out at around 262 lbs. I am sitting at 175 right now. when I am finished, I will have lost 130 lbs. total. You have already kicked my rear in the weight loss department.
But the really good thing?
You already know how to lose the is just a matter of time.
One day, one pound at a time.
I am a new follower.

anne h said...

You GLOW, Girl!