Sunday, February 28, 2010

My favorite middle Gilbert

I should have posted this Monday but it just it me today.

Monday Diana and I went to see my Weston girls play basketball. The school offered to cook hamburgers and fries with a drink(at a good price) for us because of the long way home. We decided to do it so we could visit with our people and get home quicker.

The menu was not very Weight Watcher friendly. I made the choice to get no cheese on fries or burger. But that's not the good part!

I sat down with some of my kids(they are special too me!) with my food. I made the statement about eating the fries. My favorite middle Gilbert stepped right up to the plate! He told me that I didn't need the fries and that I should not eat them. This did not bother made my heart swell! When I looked up at him, he said I'm telling you this because you wanted us to help you and encourage you.

He cannot imagine how much he helped me and made me smile. I am so glad to have people in my life like my Kyle. They keep me going!

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Patsy said...

Awww! How sweet! :o)