Monday, October 5, 2015

Overwhelmed by God's Faithfulness


Lately I have been simply overwhelmed by God. 
I am overwhelmed. 
Overwhelmed in a big way.
Overwhelmed by a big God. 

The move has been something that I have anticipated for a long time. I prayed for a long long time that God would change my situation.  OH I loved my job.  I loved my family.  I loved my church.  But I was sad. I was unhappy.  I was fighting a major battle.

There were days on end before I moved that I would go to work. Go home. Go to bed when I got home in the  early afternoons. Get up eat. Go back to bed. Stay there until it was time to go to sleep.   Repeat the next day.  It was a rough time.   At the time I was going through all this, I didn't even know what I was fighting.  I thought I was just fighting sickness and fatigue from the arthritis.  It was more.  Depression.

BUT God.....

When praying about leaving the old hometown, I would pray (actually beg) God to move me. But there was this fear that I would move and still be alone and fight the loneliness. I would go from my little lonely town to a bigger lonely city.  I know that some people may not believe this but I was scared of being alone.  One of my dearest friends put it best when she recently said you feed off of people.  You get our energy from others.  That is so true. I love people.  I am a people person and I was retreating to my house daily. (Thank God for weekends.)

BUT God remained......

Over the last two years, God has surrounded with people who have become not "like" family but family.  It all started with one friend who ask me to join his church on a mission trip to NOLA.  On this trip God used a group of 3 men and one lady to speak words of encouragement and pray over me.  He gave me a roommate that would one day let me sleep on her couch on my weekend visits.  :)  God began to build relationships that I would need as HE transitioned me from one place to another.  God was "fixing" it so that when He was ready for me to move...there would be no need for fear of loneliness. 

BUT God remained faithful....

He knew exactly when it would be time for me to move. He knew way better than me. He knew I needed time to heal from old relationships and build new ones.  He knew.  He remained faithful to fill my life.

But God remained faithful and I am overwhelmed.

I am overwhelmed by His faithfulness when I walk through the doors of my church every Sunday and I'm greeted a sweet faithful man standing at the door welcoming everyone in.

I am overwhelmed His faithfulness for friends that would come late one night to bandage my hurt toe and help clean up the mess after a very long busy weekend.

I overwhelmed by His faithfulness for friends that invite me over for a home cooked meal, laughs, and good conversation. 

I am overwhelmed by His faithfulness when I enter the gym to watch three sweet girls play basketball and they are excited to see me.

I am overwhelmed by His faithfulness at every "Gumbeaux" church birthday celebration and every Sunday family lunch.

I am overwhelmed by His faithfulness when someone who has never met me shows up at the hospital to see about me and pray over me...and witnesses to the nurse as she ministers to me.  (And I had second visitor that I missed)

I am overwhelmed by His faithfulness when a cherished friend told me that she had never seen anyone adjust to a new city like I had. 

I am overwhelmed by His faithfulness when He uses someone's words to encourage each time we speak in person or text. 

I am overwhelmed by His faithfulness when I need family time and binge watch TV.

I am overwhelmed by His faithfulness as He continues to bring more people into my life.  

I am overwhelmed by His faithfulness everyday.  Lord may I never forget Your overwhelming faithfulness to work Your plan in Your time for Your purpose.  

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