Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I really do love mustard

 I recently had the opportunity to go with my home church to Lake Charles on a mission trip. Going in I thought it just our little group.  I was wrong!  It was a kickoff weekend for an event called FAMILY SERVE.  People from all over Louisiana, Texas, and a few other southern states came to minister to and tell people about Jesus.

I met some really fabulous people. Ashley and Blake...the sweetest couple!  Precious Ashley is a kindred spirit. They are church planters in Lafayette.   Just hearing part of their story from Blake made me love them even more. They moved from their comfortable big nice house to a fixer upper in the neighborhood they minister in.  Wow.  

Our church helped Sulphur Community Church with their Community Block party. It was a beautiful day to be outside.  Jumpies.  Food.  Snow cones.  Face painting.  And Jesus.  It doesn't get much better than that!!!  I was in charge of the face painting station. I love face painting. I really do.  It gives me the opportunity to talk to children and some adults one on one and build a quick relationship with them as each one sat in my chair.  As I painted superman symbols around eyes and crosses on cheeks, I was able to ask questions about if they went to church and what they knew about Jesus.  Seeds were planted through a simple activity that children love.



Then there was this one face.

 Face paint...check.  brushes....check. Napkins...check.  Water...check. I was set up ready to go.  Children...check. check. check!  It all started with one little boy wanting  a superman eye and it ended with a tear drop from an adult.  I started around 11:30. At 1:30 I realized that I had not had anything to eat since early morning.  I ask one of our students to please go fix me something. I would eat and paint.  I continued to paint while waiting on Jonathon to bring my much needed lunch back to my table. 
Suddenly I felt a tap on the shoulder.  It was my new friend who had been assisting me by adding what some of my paintings needed to make it just right. 

 He said "Hey do you like mustard?" Me "Not really." Him "Oh well I put mustard on it" Me "Well, I really don't mind mustard. I actually do love mustard."  Suddenly I loved mustard.  There he stood, plate in hand,  with a hamburger and a hot dog. The other hand had three bags of chips from which I could choose my favorite kind. 

How great the Father's love.  How vast beyond all measure. I saw the Father's love for me in this simple act of this child.  I was humbled at that moment.  I was there to serve him but yet a simple act of fixing my lunch was so much more.  I saw Jesus in the face of that child.  Oh to be like that child and humble do for others.  To meet people at their need.  What a great lesson to learn from a willing little boy. 

That was the best hamburger, hot-dog, and bag of Cheetos I've ever had. 

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