Sunday, October 25, 2015

Meeting Singles at the grocery Store

I'm a hopeless romantic.  Romantic movies.  Love stories.  Hearing how people met. Some of my favorite movies are A Knight's Tail, Toy Story, and Steel Magnolias...all include a love story of some kind.  My favorite movie is YOU'VE GOT MAIL!  The encounter at the book store with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks is enchanting. 

There is a little homeless romantic in every girl. Getting flowers for no reason from your secret admirer.  Bumping into him at the local coffee shop.  Or that chance encounter at the grocery store meeting forever love....❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ohh where was I?  The grocery store. 

Today I ran into Brookshires.    I was in hurry to get my stuff and get back to work.  I had to get fruit, breakfast, lunch, water......  I was headed for salad dressing when I saw him. 

I smiled at him. 

He smiled back. 

I took the left and he keep going.  Until I head him speak to me. I stopped.  I was no longer in a hurry.

The exchange:

Excuse me honey you have a sweet smile. 

Awe thank you so much. 

Sweetheart you have a beautiful smile never quit smiling.  What's your name?

Thank you so much.  My name is Laura.  What's your is name and how are you today?

Laura that is a perfect name just for you.  My name is Leonard and I'm doing well.  Especially now that I've seen that smile. 

Can I give you a hug? 

You certainly can! 

It was so nice to meet you Leonard.  I hope I run into you again very soon my friend.  Please be safe in this rain.

Awe Laura it was nice to meet you and I hope to see you again real soon with that nice smile.  No worries about this rain, we should don't get rained on much

This brief encounter made me heart swell and tears well up in my eyes. 

Leonard was a young 80 plus year old tiny man with a sweet smile, a kind heart, and a sparkle in his eyes. My romantic side believes he was probably married to the same sweet lady for 60 plus years.  Now he lives alone because his children and grand children and great grands have all moved away.  He has his church family and neighbors that check on him.  He has his regular routines.  One being that he goes to Brookshires every Friday morning to pick up a few things. But today was different. 

Someone smiled at him.  For no reason but that she could.

Smile people.  Even if people don't smile back.  You never know what they one smile might change someone's day.  He changed mine. 

One Hopeless Romantic

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