Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I needed my glasses

The other day I was on my way home from Lafayette and had forgotten my sunglasses in Jason and Leah's vehicle. So we decided to meet at a convenient and get my glasses. I needed my sunglasses!

Mother has to have her 3 pm coffee everyday! I was going in to get a drink and a candy bar so I would see if they had coffee. But mother decided to get out. Slam went the door and in stayed the keys and our cell phones. OH SHOOT!

The people in the store were really nice. They called the local pd. NO answer. Called the parish pd. NO answer. answer. answer.

Jason and Leah arrive. They go back to the little town before to see if the deputy could help. He couldn't come into another parish and had no tool to use!

Back at the store after an hour of calling again and again....called pd finally got someone. No one on duty in the local town. The parish finally answered had 4 officers who were all busy and only one had the tool. BUT they good call pop a lock...without asking me!

Meanwhile Leah was calling a friend to see if he could do anything. No success.

All this time I am going in and out of the store. The girl working in the store and I talked back and forth as I was in and out of the liquor store! I forgot to mention this store is a major intersection for alcohol traffic. People in and out buying their evening loot. People of all kind of race, sex, jobs. I saw a lot. One guy even offered to help us open it with his big dozier. I declined!

Finally we called pop a lock, after no police officer was to be found anywhere, after Jason scratched my truck up using a hanger, after staying in the parking lot for over an hour.

Conversation with pop a lock guy
Me....I need you to open my truck.
Him...where are you the store. someone working on it.
me...yes but he cannot get it open
him....let him work on it some more and then call me back because it is about 10 miles there.
me...really. hold on. jason are you going to get it open. you better come on

REALLY...i called you! You say keep trying to get it open!

I went back in the store to tell me the girl pop a lock was coming. She says I really need to get back in church. I was shocked. Where did this come from? I said that would be good. It was a short conversation because someone else was waiting to buy their alcohol.

The pop a lock guy came in a few minutes. Doors open. On our way.

I started telling Mother about what the girl says. I couldn't imagine why she would say she needed back in church. There was no talk of Jesus, God, church, anything religious.

After driving awhile, I realized why she had said it. I had on a softball shirt from the Grace softball team. (GO Pro-Zack). A shirt. A shirt! She was reminded where she was in her relationship with Jesus by the shirt I was wearing. WOW.

The verse on the shirt...

Ephesians 2:8(NIV) For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—

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