Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Divine appointments

You know how you when you were a kid, teachers always ask you and made you write, tell, or draw a picture about what you did over summer vacation. Well, I'm going to share what I did over my summer vacation.
I'm not sure you are ready for this.
1. End of May...I started taking shots for my arthritis. I was devastated. Cried and cried. It was so overwhelming.
2. Blow out in Shreveport. Cried. Cost a lot to get it fixed. Financially I was struggling because of doctor bills and focusing on the circumstances instead of everyday activities which helped me get behind.
3. Truck breaks down in Shreveport same day as blow-out and started taking shots. It was a horrible day! It was my alternator.
4. Starting feel sick the day before school was out. Stayed sick for 2 before going to Dr. to find out I had an ulcer...I'm sure from all the worrying over #1......wait!
5. ER trip during VBS because I was horribly sick. Not an ulcer.
6. One week later....gall bladder out. Surgery. Not a good patient but wanted to be. :) ask my friends.
7. Flat tire.
8. Let down by people.
9. Locked my keys in my truck in the heat! No one to come help! Crazy folks. Paid pop-a-lock.
10. Someone bumped my truck...got a little scratch and dent.
11. oh yeah no fairy tale.
Oh yeah it was a great summer. bahahaha!

It's all good! OK so at the beginning of the summer I cried, cried, and cried at every little thing that happened. This list really happened in the order I wrote it. As the summer has passed by my attitude has improved. I'm still working on the positive attitude! But hey I didn't cry for a few of the last things that happened. I'm growing up because I did not even cry when I had my truck bumped into.

I would like everyone to know I am improving and getting better! The shots are helping much more than I could have realized. I am almost off some of my daily medicines. My hair is growing and not falling out. (medicine side affect) This was a big deal. :/ My truck is fixed. The tires are good. My brother was there to help. Someone else was there to help me with the flat. I didn't have an ulcer. Since having my gall bladder out, I am feeling much better. My mother and my friends took care of me after surgery. Groceries, gifts, cooking, babysitting me, prayers and blessings galore! I know who my true stick with you through thick and thing friends are. We made it home safe and Jason was there to help through locking my keys in my truck. The guy who bumped my truck...we are now friends.

I know some may not understand but I found that I couldn't not be upset with the guy who hit my truck. He was so upset and sorrowful. Yes there is slight damage and he is going to pay to have it fixed but I simple could not be mad. I'm a softy I guess. ;) Looks like grace showed up after a long summer of doubts and let downs for me. THESE ARE NOT MY WORDS BUT I COULD NOT HAVE PUT IT BETTER!

"Today had all the legitimate means to be a bad day...but it was a good day!! What was the difference?? God showed up! As He always does in my darkest moments! Thing is...He's always there...it's just that the Light is most visible in the darkness! Lately I've allowed life's hurts, habits, and hang-ups to blind me with "self-light" (pride, anger, arrogance, selfishness, impatience)...And God shut me down!!...and today blessed me thru a stranger...who I in turn blessed with "PATIENCE" of all things!! You know...You just can't see God's light in Him or others if you are shining a light upon yourself! Thank you Lord for my bad day!! : )"

I was that stranger....

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