Sunday, July 31, 2011


Diagnosis. I cried all afternoon knowing that I finally had an answer. It was shock, concern, and a big WHY all rolled into one.

That was almost the end of November. I would love to say I started medicine, I got better, and started back on my weight loss journey. Well it didn't happen like that.

It went more like this. I started medicine. I started improving slowly. Physically a inch by inch. Emotionally still down. I was still fighting. My weight began to steadily increase. By this time I had probably gained 40 maybe more pounds.

Over the next few months I was better but not completely good. I could function but only with arthritis medicine. The only fight I had in me was to fight the pain, there was nothing left to fight the weight. It was so much easier to grab something because I literally did not feel like cooking. If I did cook it was not healthy, it was quick and easy. This caused more weight gain. Then on top of all of it, emotionally broke down from the pain, not being able to do like I had before and other things missing from my life, I ate. I found comfort in food. Its not something I'm proud of or like to admit. But its the truth.

I found I was headed back to a life of unhealthy foods and no exercise instead of the things I has once craved like healthy foods and working out.

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