Saturday, July 30, 2011

TerribleHorrible No Good Very Bad Season!

Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day.......the day my mother had to help me get undressed. Thinking back this had to be the worse day. It was a Wednesday. I went to church. By this time, I had a terrible rash on my stomach. No actually horrible. I would show anyone. All my medical friends and non-medical friends. I wanted someone to diagnosis the problem so I could get better. No one could tell me.

My tummy was awful and I could hardly move. I wanted to scream. Cry. I did. A LOT. Usually everyday in the recliner at home after a long hard day.

My emotional state was at an all time low. No one could ask me how I was doing because all you would get was a cry. My mother decided she needed to come over and stay the night with me. That night between the physical and emotional pain I could not stop crying. I couldn't get my clothes off. Mother had to help me get in the bed.

I believe this was about a week before the first doctor couldn't find anything.

Back to that day....
After the doctor called, I was very upset. Mother decided to call Aunt Jackie. She recommended a doctor in Ruston. I called and he saw me that day.

I'm not sure what Dr. Wood thought about me this day. I cried so hard. I told him everything. Start to finish. He was kind and he listened.

Over the next couple of weeks I had an MRI. It showed arthritis. WOW. That's what wrong. I heard it but didn't really believe that's all it could be. How I suddenly over a month and 1/2 could I have gotten that down because of arthritis. But with this answer came medicine. This medicine began to help somewhat....functioning but not back to where I use to be.

Remember I said that my stomach was broke out. It only got worse. About three weeks after the diagnosis of arthritis, I took a trip to the er. My aunt jack was working and the er doctor checked it out. I believe they were both shocked. The next day I went back to see Dr. Wood.

He looked at me. Then ask to allow his colleague in. OF COURSE! I need help. They looked at me then looked at each other. I was listening as they discussed. The other doctor ask...have you had any muscle or joint pain. Yes. That's why I came in originally. More discussion between doctors. Then Dr. Wood looks at me and says you have..........psoriatic arthritis.

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