Wednesday, December 17, 2008


OK...I had someone fuss a little at me because I am behind on my blog. So here I am....

The last few weeks I have been struggling!! WANNA KNOW WHY?
How many parties or celebrations have I had....Let me list....
1. Thanksgiving Day
2. Ladies' Christmas Party
3. Jason W's Ordination
4. The birth of the twins ...we went to Shreveport twice and ate out.
5. School Christmas Party for the Children....don't forget this includes.....Santa Cake, Little Debbie Trees, Traina's Cookies, M & M cookies, candy, Chocolate Santa's with marshmallow....this is not a complete list...there is more but too long to list.....OH from parents.....CHOCOLATE AND MORE CHOCOLATE.
6. Faculty and Staff Christmas party....we will graze from 1:00 until.....
7. Church supper
8. Girls Night out Christmas
9. Christmas with Mother and Brothers
10. Christmas Eve at Mam-maw's
11. Christmas Day at Mother's with Kennedy's

OK my conclusion? Whoever said that we should eat for a day not a season is unrealistic. They apparently have no family, no friends, no church family, no job, no LIFE! Get real. From Thanksgiving to NYE's is a constant is seems there is more food and more calories in those few weeks than all year long. But it's OK because I have lost 100 plus pounds and I can make it through this season...HEY....I look forward to 2009.


Amy Hightower Murphy said...

I hear ya!! Food, food and more food everywhere, everyday!! But the month is halfway through so just enjoy it while you can and then you can get back on track next year. :-)

Michawn said...

amen sister!! i totally agree. i've done fine this holiday season because they don't have thanksgiving here and because just what you said...i have no family here. plus, they don't really do Christmas here either...not like there. we had one party with our mission organization and one small party (with ONE dessert) with our church small group. i'm telling you, it doesn't even compare.

my 'party' season this year will be dec. 23rd - feb. 25th...when i'm there in louisiana. i plan to just maintain (i'm giving myself a 5 pound gain more than that) what i've already lost and then start back at the work of losing more (i've got 27.5 more to lose) when i get back to brazil.

we should meet up while i'm there. of course, i always think of a restaurant. :) they don't have mexican food here and i've heard good things about that el patio place...even saw some pics of you there i think. wanna go? :) maybe mama and rebekah could come girl time.

Melissa said...

A post just for me. I am so honored!!

I know exactly what you mean. People have been bringing food every day here and I just can't help myself. In fact, your mention of Christmas tree cakes gave me the urge to go and buy some. And don't get me started on all of the vending machines around here.

I guess at the end of the day (or holiday season), the point is that you will still be ahead and reaady to kick off the new year to a good start!

Nicole Sullivan said...

Oh.. and let's talk about the times that you are exhausted from cooking and eating at other people's houses, so you get quick microwave food at the house to eat. I'm eating a hot pocket. SHAME ON ME... I know it's bad when I feel guilt about it.