Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I was going to wait

I could not wait anymore.

I love commercials. Hallmark. You know the ones that make you tear up. Do you remember the one where Poppa learns to read? Avery was singing "Hello happiness, bye bye nastiness, Give Seabond a try." How about the Folgers commercial. I love the old classic ..."Peter." Commercials can really get to you.

I have to admit with the cable world as it is..DVR. I record almost everything and forward it thru the commercials. I still watch television occasionally, live. Today is one of those days. I am watching and wrapping. Watching NCIS and wrapping presents. It is live.

You know what I noticed? Lose weight. Try this. Succeed today. Start today. Our program works the best. Have you seen all the commercials about losing weight?

Here's a few. I have changed the names for privacy. HA!

Gut tie - we're here to help you. So you are going to come home with me and fix my meals and make sure I am eating healthy?

Fatfast - take the guess work out of dieting. Guess what? I know the healthy from unhealthy?

Enemy - fine print - sensible diet. Isn't that we need to do in the first place - be sensible?

Penny Meg - it will change your life!

I use Weight Watcher. It also has commercials that get to you.

The thing is how many of these programs are out there. So many things are out there to help us lose weight, get healthy. It seems that they are really showing up here close to the new year. What comes at the beginning of every new year? RESOLUTIONS! What is America's #1 resolution? I decided to google it. Guess what it was? Getting healthy!

I, too, have made resolutions every year and I break them. Actually, for the year 2008, I didn't resolve to lose weight. I just did it. It did come the first day of the new year but it wasn't something I wrote down and tried to hold to. I actually wasn't even that committed until a few days or week later.

Here comes the new year. Guess what I don't have to make a resolution again this year. I don't have to say this is the year. I have already started on that journey.
Here's my resolution: I resolve to get closer to my goal weight than I was last year. Wow. I can do that!

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Melissa said...

I hate those commercials!! I also get so cracked up by the ones with the sensible diet in the fine print. You could do that without the product!!!
I do remember the "Peter..." commercial and was thinking about it the other day. I liked commercials like that, but like you I never see commercials b/c I fast forward with the DVR. We are so spoiled by technology!!
I love the new look of the blog and I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!!