Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A great weekend

This past weekend was a blur. Friday night I went to the church and worked on Hee-Haw Dinner Theater. Mary and Ms. Tina were there painting! Helping me get ready! Weathered the storm together. I was back at the church Saturday for more decorating. Mary was back and so was Robert, Isaac, and Michael. They did a good job!
Then off Saturday night to the Old Timer's game. Oh my that was too much fun. Watching people from high school play was just exciting. The only thing is that I didn't remember how rough girls play. Those girls were serious about winning a basketball game. Then came the boys. They represented well. I always did like to watch the boys play.
Then we were off to Chilli's after the game. Boomer, Abbie, Diana, Amy, Jessie, Jason, and Derek. Can I say craziness? First of all which one of my friends told our new friend about the Red Door? What will people say? Not funny. Boomer and Abbie are both a mess! Why did it take so long to find out Jason and Jessie are fabulous? Diana always makes me laugh. Amy is just great. Derek. He just fits right in.
Sunday was a busy day. Sunday morning, we had a guest speaker at church. He is someone I know because he was friends with my dad. I was glad to get to hear him speak. His life has taken a drastic change in the last year. God is using him in a mighty way.
Sunday evening was so busy. I worked all afternoon on the last minute things for Hee-Haw. I am so proud of how Hee-Haw Dinner Theater turned out. Everything went so well. There were people who I never thought would sing..they sang. The food was excellent. The jokes corny...yet funny. The costumes! Too much. We looked like a bunch of rednecks! I couldn't have made it without all the help. Painting, raising a barn, cooking, cleaning, telling jokes, serving! These people were working for Jesus. We raised somewhere around $1500 for a our Summer Mission Trip! Yeah. Money for helping us go tell others about Jesus.
Sunday night we hung out again at Sonic and froze! We moved over to McDonald's where it was warm. Shame on Jessie for laughing while Boomer was praying! I don't know when I laughed as hard at anything as I did at Boomer and Abbie and their words of the day! They could have a radio talk show. I would listen every morning. I was so tired Monday from a great weekend! I stayed up way to late and got up way to early.
If you made it down this far, you are probably wondering why I am writing about my crazy busy weekend. I think it is because I wanted to stress the friends thing! I love being able to hang out from my great friends. They make me laugh, they keep me on the straight, they listen when I need a ear! I love great friends. Philippians 1:3 says I thank my God every time I remember you. I thank God for great friends.
And you know this is just one set of friends I have. I have more that I could write about that I didn't get to hang out with this weekend. Don't worry!!! There will be stories about them soon.

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melanie, aka Mo said...

HEY! I found you! I perused some of your past posts and wanted to comment briefly on the "greener grass". I am no expert on the subject or anything like that, but you are definitely onto something there! You never know what God has in store for you. And as maybe you have already learned, sometimes you can't see it, except in retrospect! I just COULD NOT understand why the MANY fertility treatments I was undergoing were not panning out for me and my hubby. I think maybe you know about my nephew, Jake?! ( or well, LONG story short, had my fertility treatments worked, I would not have been in a place to accept the responsibility of letting my sister's older boys live with me and cart them back and forth to St. Jude for 2 1/2 years to see their brother who eventually succombed to cancer. As it turned out, he died on Oct. 5th of 2006. My baby girl, Ellie, who I adopted, was born on July 12, 2007. My nursing friends told me that the way you figure out your child's date of conception is to add three months and subtract one week from the birthdate and that is the day she was made. You do the math! Jake helped Jesus orchestrate that one for me. And although all my friends were having babies all around me (I'll be FORTY this year!), I didn't have sadness. I didnt' want pity. I was happy with my lot. I wanted babies, but I could see the richness of my life, nonetheless! And, I think I was rewarded for it! TWO babies later, I can now see that it was all about God's timing. NOT mine!

And like you, there were lots of kids who loved me. And I was free to love them with a big heart. our kids are lucky to have you.

Just a few thoughts. Didn't mean to get so wordy. just wanted to encourage! Melanie