Friday, April 10, 2009

Be nice!

Let me tell you about my experience today.

Janie and I shopped most of the day. We had one more stop to make before heading to get groceries. The one stop was for hose! Ok I hate hose but with the dress I am wearing I am going to try to wear them.

Janie dropped me off at the door and I ran in. When I got in the worker spoke. I spoke back. Then I asked her if she would help me find the right size. Ok she was not busy. She raised her hand in the direction of the hose and said they are back there. She never took a step. I said I need help deciding the size. (Because of my 11o pounds loss! Yeah!) She said most people look at the back. I heard nothing else from her. She offered NO help. It bothered me for a few reasons.

1. It was a plus size store. She was a 100 pounds wet. That bothers me. She probably has no idea what it is like for a big girl to go into a store and find clothes. Why is a skinny girl working in a big girl store?
2. If you are going to work in the public, then you need to know you are working in the public. If you cannot be nice to someone, then get a job where you are all alone!

I know people have bad days but she was just not nice. It bothered me.


Melissa said...

There are WAY too many people out there needing a job for her to act like such a meanie. I would have complained to the manager or at least visited the store's website and left a comment. (which is usually followed by coupons in the mail by the way!)
Hope you and Janie are having a great time!

Pikesfish said...

Melissa is definitely right about there being too many people out there right now that need a job. She needs to be thankful and understand that her job is to assist everyone that comes through that door. Definitely raise this to management and supervisor levels in the one in the service industry should not be helpful. Have a great day!