Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My list

I have been stuck lately. I have had a cycle of gain then loss, then gain. then loss. Such a vicious cycle. I have struggled. I want to eat good stuff not stuff good for me. Today I emailed my first (let me say outstanding) Weight Watcher leader. I basically begged her to come back and for advice to get back on track. I want to find that momentum that I had when I first started. She recommended me writing a list. So here is my list. OK it is more than one list.

List 1 - List the all the good things that have happened since I started.
1. I feel better.
2. I look better.
3. I have more confidence in reaching goals.
4. I can go into more stores and find clothes that fit.
5. I have to have a belt!

List 2 List accomplishments
1. I have lost more than 100 pounds.
2. I was brave and FLEW to see Janie.
3. I walked a 5k. Yahoo - I am going to do it again.
4. I danced at the Old Timers game. OH MY OH ME
5. No more blood pressure medicine!
6. I did it without surgery. That certain person don't have to ask my if I am going to have surgery. I can do it without surgery.

List 3 -List all the bad things that could happen if I stay off track.
1. Blood pressure could go up!
2. I could gain that 100 pounds back.
3. I would feel bad and be tired all the time.
4. I would have to face everyone who is on my side that wants me to lose weight. OUCH.
5. I could get that puffy look again.

List 4 - Final list - Setting my goal!
1. I will lose 5 pounds this week.
2. I will go to Curves every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. NO EXCUSES.
3. I will exercise during nap time at school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
4. I will lose 20 pounds by May 1st. That is two months!!! That is 10 pounds a month.

Everyone that I know is going to need to get by my side. I need prayer. I need encouragement. I need friends. I need help. Did I mention prayer?


Michawn said...

Girlfriend, I'll be praying...and you can be praying for me (I started back about a week ago and it's been really slow coming off this time...usually I lose a good bit the first week). I am really wanting some chips and salsa/queso from El Patio. It totally and completely bums me out that we never got together. Next time for sure!!

I am SO VERY impressed by you (and challenged and inspired). I know that you are going to push through this roadblock and move on to lose ALL the weight you want to lose. You look great and I know you feel better. I'm so excited to see you accomplish all your goals...and can't wait until I do the same.

Love you.

Melissa said...

I will definitely be praying for you. I am so proud of you and I know that you can do this.
You have always been a very confident person, but I have noticed that you have even more confidence in yourself in the last year.
We will definitely do the 5K again, but my goal is to do it in 45 minutes or less, which is definitely an attainable goal (if I leave the kiddos at home!). Maybe setting a goal like that will help???
I have been walking at lunch with a group from work and I've noticed that on days when I don't want to, they call so I go, and I'm always so glad I did. Do you have a buddy to excercise with??
One of my friends at work is doing Weight Watchers and she is doing really well because she is doing it with a buddy to have some accountability. I'm her walking accountability buddy I guess.
I'm totally rambling here, but I've been going onto fatsecret.com and logging in all of my food intake and then doing an excercise log to see the calories burned in a day v/s what I intake and the practical science person in me "sees" that and then it hits home. That is working for me.

Sorry about the rambling, WAY too much sinus meds this morning (they really shouldn't give those out at work!), but I am praying for you and I'm still super proud of you and can't wait to see the results that I KNOW you will have by the end of this year.

Love you!!!

Susieb said...

Hey girl, I can be a real accountability partner on Mon Wed, Fri and nap time. We will even make the kiddos exercise when ever we feel like it. i know that we can get back on track. I love your list. What a way to put things in perspective

Jen said...

I know that I'm just "on your side" because my little girl was in your class for a little while, but reading about your life has really encouraged me to do things for myself. So, thank you very much for that!! I am SO here... I am sending some positive energy your way for Team Laura! :) Thanks for showing the rest of us how to be courageous!!