Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What an opportunity!

I try to weigh in when I go out of town so that it can keep me on track. Last year I weighed in while at Janie's and also while in Sioux Falls. I was determined to weigh in at Weight Watcher while at Janie's this time too. Weighing in help me keep on track and holds me accountable!

God can work in amazing ways. Today while in Waldorf, I went to a the local WW meeting. I thought the weigh in started at 5 and the meeting at 5:30. When I got there, about 5 or 6 ladies were sitting around. I was going to weigh in and leave because Janie and Eli were waiting for me.

The leader preceded to tell me that the meeting didn't start until 6:30 and weigh in at 6. But she told me she would go ahead and weigh me. I LOST 1.8. Making my total 111. Yeah me!

That is not the important part of this entry. As I was weighing in, I told the leader my total weight loss. She was so excited. She asked me on the spot if I would speak at the meeting. Well it was the pre-meeting. She told me that once a month she holds a pre-meeting for those that have lost their mo-jo!

Before I knew it, I was sharing my story...I like to say testimony.....with a group of ladies that needed some encouragement. I told them how I got started, how I had struggled, and where I am now...and of course how I got here. I made sure that I included that God is my strength and prayer is so important.

The leader made the statement that she saw a future leader! Of course, if you know me, I am not shy and love talking.

After leaving Weight Watchers, I prayed that God would use me in a mighty way. My prayer is that as I lose weight and continue to toward goal that He will receive the glory! I know that God has used my weight loss journey and will continue to use me through this journey to minister to people. I cannot wait for the other opportunities He has for me!

How can I keep from singing Your praise!! How can I ever say enough! How amazing is Your love! How can I keep from shouting Your name!! I know I am loved by the King !!! And it makes my heart want to sing!!!


Pikesfish said...

Hi Laura - well I was one of those ladies at the meeting last night and can't say THANK YOU enough! You helped me to find my MOJO again and I felt the drive to get to Lifetime again. Yes, I said again. I gained back the 56 pounds that I lost before but I am more than 30 pounds towards that goal again. Your story is so inspirational that I am sharing it with others that have not been able to take that first step. It was a pleasure to meet you last night and I look forward to following your story. Also, if I am every in Lousiana...I hope to be able to visit and chat again. Thanks for sharing with us last night.


Melissa said...

Laura Lea-
I miss your posts! Where are you? :) We are thinking about starting WW meetings during lunch at the mill once a week. I'm trying to see if we have enough interest. I know you go to Ruston, but didn't know if you'd be interested in anything closer or if you know of anyone who would be interested. Just let me know, you can e-mail me at mperry2 at smurfit dot com