Friday, November 21, 2008

Taco Bell, KFC, or Subway!

Tonight was Weight Watchers Night. I usually go on Tuesdays but decided to give myself a few extra days to get back on track. I was really excited to think that I had done well. Thinking was my problem. I exercised everyday at Curves this week. I drank water and ate right.
There are a few tricks I try on weigh in day....
1. Light weight shorts, T-shirt, and flip flops. Cold don't matter!
2. No water after 3. Pick back up after weigh in.
3. Always always try to go to the bathroom.
I did all those things. So when I got on the scales, I thought ok I've done reasonable well this week...considering the last few weeks have been off! When Mary wrote my weight down, it was only .8 down. You see I gained .6 last week. So that means I only lost .2!!!! Ugh.
I held myself together. I wanted to start boo hooing! Cry and Cry and Cry! But Mary gave me a pep talk and I held it together. I was mad, upset, indifferent...all in about 5 minutes.
When I got to the truck, I still felt the need to cry but I didn't. I called my mom..she was on the phone with Ms. Helen. She was no help. Then my mind started to wonder as I left Ruston. It went right to food. I started thinking ok I can eat whatever I want. I could head to Taco Bell for some Meximelts or Cheeseroll Ups. I could head to KFC for some Original recipe chicken with a biscuit. OR I could go all the way across town(I was trying to get to the ballgame on time) to Subway to eat a much healthier sandwich. I decided to pass the first two and go to Subway even though I didnt want to drive across town.
Then out of the blue I saw the other Subway. Yeah...God is good. I pulled the drive thru, ordered by roasted chicken sandwhich with lettuce tomato, a little cheese, mayo, honey mustard, and onions. Really it was good.
Tonight I made a good choice but I don't always make the best choice. I look forward to the new morning God gives each day!

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