Saturday, November 15, 2008

How hard has it been and F-O-X?

The question I get asked a good bit is Has it been hard? It has been easy. I have a serious motto. The motto actually came from a inspirational talk that I had with Aunt Jackie a long time. Except then I would not listen to her. Be selfish. How? Make choices that were best for me. I had to be selfish so that I could become healthy. OH YEAH I want to look good and be America's Next Top Model...but I want to live. I want to live and have a long happy healthy life.

I think the main reason that it has been easy is because of the prayers and support of family and friends. Family family, school family, church family. I probably have more family than anyone in J'boro. I never realized how many people were worried and concerned for me. People who never told me but I had an influence on them. People who never said a word began to comment on how they were proud of me and that I could do it.

*Footnote* I am not wanting to point anybody out because I don't want to leave any supporters out. BUT I do want to share stories of how God different people to help me succeed.

Candy Fox---Candi is my prayer warrior. When I started, she was there quietly supporting me. Loving me for me, yet praying for me to change and become the best that God designed me to be.

Back when I first started, we would go every Monday and every Tuesday my friends at school would wait for me to announce what I had lost. No matter what I lost or gained...Candi was always encouraging me to keep going. The first Monday night I weighed Candi was home with her husband Steve eating supper. They had prayed and blessed the food and had began to eat when she realized she had not prayed for me on my first weigh day. She started praying right then. I think Steve thought she was losing it.

The God thing ---we figured I was weighing in and she was praying at the same time! I had a good first week. I lost 10.8 my first week! Even though I don't get to see or talk to Candi every day,I know she still prays for me. Candi has been a good friend and a big supporter!

God is good all the time...All the time God is good.

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