Saturday, November 15, 2008

First weigh in and Dear Abby

So I would be blogging all day for the next month if I tried to talk about all the things that have happened since I started losing weight. I just going to hit the highlights.

I think everyone starts January with a New Year's Resolution. I am the first to say that I have been one of those. I am going to lose weight. I am going to read my Bible more. I am going to... Beginning this new year, I made no resolutions. I just started the year.

I am not one to read my horoscope but I do love Dear Abby. And right next to Dear Abby was the horoscope. So I peeked. "You know what you are doing, and you've set a nice standard of forward movement. Aggressive or eager moves only mess with your momentum. Steady wins the race. Continue in your patience, gracious manner." Did I tell you this was published the week after my first weigh in?

Diana and I arrived at Weight Watchers January 7th, 2008. I was worried about weigh in. If you have never been significantly overweight you won't understand. I didn't know how much I weighed or how much the scales would hold. But I went and got on! Hallelujah! It weighed me and did not break. (This was not my first weigh in at WW but I was at my biggest!)

I wish I could remember what the Ms. Barbara (you will hear more about her later) talked about but I have not clue. I just remember thinking I am the biggest one here. I have so much to lose. My weight was the highest I think it had every been. I am going to die a young death. I am going to leave my family and friends. I am never going to get married and have children. I had a lot of thoughts running through my mind.

That Monday night my life changed.

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Amy Hightower Murphy said...

Reading this brought a tear to my eye. I believe that in blogging your journey you will truly help others by giving them such a good example to follow. I only wish I had the strength you seem to be full of. You are an inspiration. :)