Monday, May 24, 2010


I gained 8 pounds in a few weeks. Not proud of it. Made me mad.

It's OK...because it's gone. Probably water.

Here's what I gotta do. STOP WEIGHING every stinking day.
I crave getting on the scales in the am and pm. I moved the scales to the exercise room. Didn't work. Moved them to the linen closet. Didn't work. Next step? Move the scales to my Mother's house. I don't go over there every day so it would work.

I just need to learn to stop focusing on the scales and focus on eating right and exercise!


cmoursler said...

yeah I know what you mean...I nearly flipped my lid this morning..stood on that scale and it said 162...where I was nearly a month ago...I KNEW IT WAS WATER, but you doesn't matter in that moment when you are facing a number that should be nothing but a memory by now. I peed alot today and got on the scale tonight...158.
That means 156 in the morning..where I should be lol. But If I took that at face value and got could have been a mess. Good job moving on mentally. Keep up the good work.

Allie said...

I have the same problem, my scale broke the other day though so I might finally be able to break my habit. I'm trying really hard not go out and buy a new one.

Tracy said...

Oh, gosh.. I totally have this problem. And what is sad is that when I weigh, and I see a number I don't like (even if I do know that it's water...) It makes me mad, and when I'm mad about it, all I want to do is eat, eat, eat...yuck

Anonymous said...

It will either work beautifully, or you mom will enjoy the extra visits! I'd love to see the new hi-lights!