Monday, April 5, 2010

Testimony becoming a ministry

My purpose for more than two years has been to lose weight; to become a better me. I struggled through some thoughts recently about how weight loss has become every part of my life. It has consumed me.

I'm finally at a place that it is okay. Why? Because my mind has changed.

Several weeks ago I started praying and thinking. My friend Michelle seems to think that I should quit thinking and have fun because when I do I certainly can over think! I do agree with her.

Today I was reading me Bible when I came across a Bible study and a verse about thinking in the flesh and not discerning what the Holy Spirit has for you through prayer and scripture.

Romans 8:5-6 says Those who live according to the sinful nature have their minds set on what the nature desires; but those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires. The mind of sinful man is death, but the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace.

More often times than not I think selfishly. We must daily chose to consciously center our thoughts on Him.

Lately I've been trying to discern what God has for me through my journey of weight loss and change. I need to stop thinking about how overwhelming it is, how it has changed me, and begin to think about how HE can use it to bring Him glory!

I have been praying that He would use my testimony of weight loss to become a ministry. I have really tried to give credit to Him more now than ever. I realize that so often I would say thank you to people and give credit to my family, my friends, my trainer, myself. But I cannot continue to do that. It's all about Him. There has been times in the past that I have given Him the honor He deserves to bring me to the place I am now but not often enough.

God has been in this all along and used some amazing people to help me through this.
Let me describe some ways.

He sent precious young ladies to help me understand that it was time to begin. He has continued to have those young ladies in my life to love on me, tell me I am beautiful, and reassure me that I am all that!
He used me Mother to continue to pray for me even when I wasn't ready so many times before.
He used my best friend to encourage me to go to the meetings when it would have been easier to just not go.
He used my friend to keep walking even though I was tired!
He used another friend by sending cards every time I reached a goal or when I didn't.
He gave me a friend to cry on their shoulder when I was having a rough time.
He sent me co-workers who encouraged me every day to keep winning the battles.
He gave me the best Wednesday night workout partner ever...Shauna!
He placed me with a church family that loves me more than I will ever realize.
He sent a sweet man who told me that he was worried about me. He never said a word until after I started losing weight but it came at just the right time.
He placed a Weight Watcher leader in my life that saw it in me that I conquer the war!
He gave me a walking buddy with kids and a dog.
He sent me a sweet new friend Meredith; who is just precious.
He sent people to the track that I would have never met any where else.
He sent Stephen to help me get started again and to be my friend and my trainer that encourages me.
He gave me more extended family than I know what to do with.
He gave me AJ and Zack to make me laugh and keep my chin up!
He sent people my way to speak to me in the middle of stores. Seriously people I don't really know that somehow know me.
He sent me emails and FB comments to cheer up me and refresh my spirit.

These are only a few of the ways that He has been in the midst of this. Some of these people have been in my life since the beginning, some from the middle, some are gone now, while others are brand new. But I know without a doubt that one has not been more important than the other and God orchestrated it all.

I even realize that there are probably some ways I will never even realize but I would never want to overlook.

My friend recently sent me text that said this....
Knowing purpose, and a growing passion in life for that purpose is what makes life all that it is meant to be.

Is my purpose to share about my weight loss? I don't know that. But I do know that whatever my purpose is I want it to bring honor and glory to Him that created me, loved me enough to send His Son, and continues to cheer me on from His throne. So can use my weight loss to bring all that about...without a doubt I believe that. I cannot wait to see who He sends my way and how He uses me.


cmoursler said...

Me either, what a great post...You are already helping and inspiring people. I love your new picture. Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

I think that sharing your weight loss story with others is going to be inspiring to so many.
It's easy to look at the people who have 20 or so pounds to lose and who put it on and off and on and off and say "well, that couldn't have been that hard".

It's quite another to look at what you've done and see that it really is possible. It's possible without some crazy eating plan that is strict and regimented. It's possible to do it and still have fun and go out with friends. It's possible to do it without killing yourself in a gym (a la Biggest Loser). THAT is what makes people think that they can do it.

I know it's been hard, however, you have made it look acheivable. I think that your story could inspire so many. Just my thoughts though. :)

Love you!