Friday, April 2, 2010

Fat Days...Skinny Moments

Some people may not understand fat days and skinny moments. I don't think this is a weight loss thing. Let me help you understand!

Sometimes I have fat days. Those are days when I still see myself as the old person. I see myself as the largest girl in the room. I see where I use to be and not where I am and where I am going. These are hard days to get through but I usually combat them with pep talks and exercise!

Then sometimes I have skinny moments. Those are the days when I see the weight I've lost. I had a skinny moment the other day when I was walking in the Galleria with the girls during our weekend in Texas. I was looking at clothes and I realized that they don't look so small anymore. Some of the clothes are doable for me! It's a possibility that I can find something besides the big girl store.

The other skinny moment I had was tonight. It's funny because I usually have the skinny moments when I see pictures of myself. I was taking pictures with my girls and saw myself. My face looks skinny. My face was stinkin thin. I was so excited that I could not stop looking!

My sweet 15 year old cousin encourages skinny moments when she hugs me and says.....every time....I can get my arms around you and squeezes my harder! I love that.

I hope one day that I have less fat days and more skinny moments....oh wait I want skinny days and fat moments!


Melissa said...
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Anonymous said...

Okay...trying this again.
I am very very proud of you! We must go walking soon.