Saturday, April 3, 2010

HMMM Who are you?

One day after school this week, I went to the track. Because I left so quickly from school, people were still picking up students from the high school. I saw my aunts car so I decided to walk over and talk to her and my cousin. As I was walking up, a lady that I taught her daughter(and have known for a while) was walking towards me. She was about 2 car lengths from me. I raised my hand and kinda waved. She ignored me. We got a little closer and I raised my hand and said hey girl. Nothing. I thought what's her problem what did I do! My next thought was maybe she couldn't tell who I was because I had sun glasses on. I flipped them up. Still nothing...she was looking right at me. Finally when we were only a feet from each other she broke out in a smile. She said on my Lord I did not know who you were. . She couldn't believe how I had changed. It has only been about 6 or 7 months since I had seen her.
To be honest! I was really tickled that she didn't know me! All i can say is YES!


Anonymous said...

:) Don't you love a pleasant surprise like that?

cmoursler said...

That has happened to me twice..loves it. Great NSV...congrats!