Monday, March 15, 2010


I really been feeling the need to post something but nothing is really going on. I guess this is a good thing.

Something that has happened in the last few weeks is that I have now lost 157.4 pounds...105.6 pounds to my goal.

For the last 3 weeks I have been walking at the track. No set times or with anybody. I just go whenever. I've made plans with a Shauna and Alyssa to walk but just show up most of the time.

It's been interesting to meet people at the track. I have ran into Jamie more than more time and walked with her. This weekend we were walking and met a young lady out too. Jamie was like we need to talk to her.

When I first saw her, before I even talked to her, I saw where I was. She looked like she was struggling with every step. It was slow and steady but a struggle. I wanted to approach her but remembered a time when I was probably unapproachable myself. To be honest...not in a mean way...but I wanted to run to her and run around her and do nothing but cry out encouragements. I am not a freak! I just wanted to encourage her to go and to do it to it!

Jamie initiated the conversation. She told us a little about herself. She told us that she has decided to start walking again. I think maybe that this was her second day and she was walking a mile. Wow. It took me back to a time when I first started and how I was good to walk a few laps around the gym at church hurting the whole time, begging Abbie and Diana to tell me how many we had left.

As we left, we got her number, hoping that I would run into again to be an encourager to her.

Today...again I don't plan out times...I just go. I was walking at the track and suddenly I heard a load WHHHOOOOAA! I turned to look and she was waving and hollering to get my attention. I was on my last 3 and 1/2 laps(3 miles I might add!) I was on the opposite side of the track where she was started but I decided that I could pick up my pace and make it to where she was. Her pace plus my pace made it where I caught up with her on my last two laps. We talked the whole two laps. She asked me about what I do. She talked about the some of the struggles she faces being overweight. It was amazing that some of the things that she still faces I once faced. It makes me a little teary to think that I have come thru so much and will not have to worry about those things again!

My prayer has been that through my journey of getting healthy that I could encourage other people. To have an affect on some one's life. My new walking friend...she has encouraged me. I am enouraged to know that God will use me to share what He has done for me through all this. God is good all the time God is good!


Melissa said...

I think we both know why she was there when she was. :)
You are totally inspiring to people. You have done an awesome job. I would love for you to come to one of our WW meetings sometime so people can see how far it is possible to come.

cmoursler said...

I loved this post.
I was at safeway today. I saw a young woman who looked to be around 400 to 450 lbs. She was smiling, and seemed positive, but it must have been painful. I was only 262 and it was painful sometimes.
I too wanted to go over and throw my arm around her and say "You know, I've almost lost 100 lbs and my whole life feels better, I know you could do it too."
But then remembered that when I was that overweight, I would have been humiliated and angry had someone done that to me. So I settled for looking at her, smiling and saying hi.
Because people used to avoid eye contact with me when I was big.
Great post.

Patsy said...

This is a very lovely, touching post. Well done on being able to reach out to someone - and finding someone to reach out to. Maybe you need that as much as she needs the support? :o)