Wednesday, March 17, 2010

UGH! UGH I say again!

UGH! Tonight was really bad for me. Ugh I say it again.

It was workout Wednesday and I love work out Wednesdays! But tonight I left frustrated with myself. I started off strong then fell to weakness!

I didn't do so good mainly because I started feeling sickly. Nausea! The sicker I felt the harder it was to workout. I had to stop several times Made me so upset with myself. I began feeling the disappointment creep in during the workout. I hate not finishing and feeling like I did not do enough.

The thoughts of failure in myself then turns into this look on Bob's face. It's like he thinking I know that you can do it so do it to it! He's probably not but that's what I being to think! I see it as being weak. Ugh I hate that feeling of not doing good. Side note: I know Bob is not disappointed in me...that's my imagination....he's proud of me no doubt.

So what am I going to do about it? Tomorrow is a new day. Someone told me we all have off days. I am throwing this one up to a off day and start again tomorrow.

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cmoursler said...

hey, shake it off...some days are just like that.
One day is just that, one day.
You build.
five great days one bad....the good outweighs the bad.
Keep up the great work.