Thursday, March 25, 2010

A few thoughts about change!

A few changes.......

I'm dancing again at the Old Timers Game...I looked back at the video from 2009 and boy have I changed! I actually look forward to replacing the old video!

Oh yeah! I am excited about Fit Camp...six months ago I probably would not have even thought of joining a boot camp. Definitely would not have done it 2 years ago! More changes!


cmoursler said...

great job!
Sounds like fun...I'm starting my own boot camp shortly.
keep up the great only gets better from here.

Bob Harper said...

I've heard great things about FIT CAMP. Wish you the best as you begin a new journey. Keep up the great work :)

P.S. Jillian says she looks forward to working with you on Mondays. ;)

Laura said...

Always good to see Bob is following my blog! :)