Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A new plan...or a different one

I had my mind set as I left for church. I would go to church, run sound, and sneak back to town for Popeye's. Yep...chicken strips. That is certainly not healthy. I had no plan to exercise or eat right tonight. I would cheat and skip. That was my plan.

But someone had a different plan. Yep. After church, I could not just slip away and head for my 3 piece strip with fries and a biscuit and oh the honey! Thomas had another plan that we...that's me and Michelle....had kinda sorta been putting off.

This plan has been in place for a while but we had not taken any action. The plan? Train with Thomas aka Bob aka the Marine who would give us no slack and would accept no excuses. (Michelle has named the people willing to "train" us new names according to Biggest Loser) Bob...Gillian.....Dulvette(?)

After church, we started our training. He SAID we would not really be working out...this coming from a ex-Marine. It wouldn't take 15 minutes and it didn't long but it was a workout. AND it was just what I needed.

Through the new workout, I found that feeling I remembered and love. I found I could focus again and enjoy working out. YEP....I like exercise and when I am enjoying it....I crave it. I crave it rather than food. I know I know sounds crazy but it is true. I remember a day when I would get up on a Sunday morning, go to the track, go back home, get ready for church, AND make it on time. That is dedication. HAHAHAHA

AND just in case you are I didn't stop for chicken.