Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Realize that I have a preschool mind! While getting ready for work the other day, I started thinking. This is what came up!
The ABC's of weight loss!
A....ask for help! Your family and friends will encourage you, prayer for you, and just be there! Just ask. prepared! Never wait until you are so hungry you will eat anything. Think ahead!
C...check calories. Some foods have more calories than you think.
D...drink water. Enough said!
E...everything. Don't deprive yourself. You can each anything but within limits.
F...feelings. Don't eat because of your feelings...sad, happy, mad, celebrating! Think before you eat.
G...get up and exercise! It will make you feel better!
H...holidays are only one day not months and weeks.
I...invent new recipes that fit your taste.
J...journey not a diet. It is not a diet!
K...keep going! You will make it! yourself! You are who you because God created you but you are His temple. His temple should be the best that He designed it to be.
M...move more! Turn it off and get up. excuses any more! Now is the time! day at a time! Get through today and tomorrow will take care of its self!
P...prayer. God will help you make it through. Rely on Him!
Q...quit waiting for Monday, the first of the month, or year, or after this or ...... just do it.
R....rough! It may get rough but keep looking at your goal!
S....stick to it and you will see success. Don't give up!
T...take time for yourself. If you are selfish in getting healthy, your family will have you around longer.
U...unhealthy...gone are the days of being unhealthy!
V...victory is sweet. Reaching goals is fabulous!
W...weigh once a week. Don't weigh every day! Those scales are crazy!
X...x-cited! OK not a x but! Get excited about getting healthy! can do it! Remind yourself of that everyday!
Z....zealous attitude. This just means go at it with enthusiasm! Don't think about what you cannot have think nut about what you can and how you are going to succeed!

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