Friday, December 25, 2009

The short list

I have been wanting to write but my computer is messed up. So my sister in law has let me borrow hers!

The list! I have been making a mental note about things I want to do or not do when I reach goal.

1. No more shopping at big girl only stores. Actually this is beginning to happen. This week I went into Stage and founds some shirts! For some of you this is not a big thing but for a girl who has had to shop at big girl only stores...IT'S A BIG DEAL.
2. Six Flags....I am going and going to ride every ride that I can - twice. I remember going once and having to ride in the seat by myself and it was so humiliating! No more of that! Don't forget SUSIE that you are going with me!
3. Hot air balloon ride... don't ask why this is on the list. I really don't know.
4. I'm going to run not walk in a 5k...hey I might even go for a marathon!
5. No more worries about chairs with arms.
6. I'm going on the road as a motivational speaker...I'm going to tell about Jesus first. Then I am going to share how about my weight loss journey and tell about all the people who prayed, supported, and helped me!

That's all for right now. I have more on the list but right now that's it!

It's going to happen.


susieb said...

I would love to go to Six Flags with you and ride all the rides with one exception; none that goes upside down. I am to chicken. Don't forget our Florida trip to go Para-Sailing.

Anonymous said...

I am sooo going to run that 5K with you!!