Monday, July 20, 2009

World Changer

World Changers came and went in a blur. In the days before we left, I was worried and hesitate not about the work but the heat. I absolutely love WC but there are always some worries before leaving. There are thoughts of excitement and worry. Then before you know it the days have flown by and your back home wishing you were back at World Changers! Eight days ago.....

Day 1... I got to the church late! Not too late just everyone waiting on me and the truck so we could load up. Everyone was super excited to get on the road. We had to head north to turn and go south! We went through Monroe and on to Jackson then headed south toward New Orleans. But we finally arrived after 2 stops for the bathroom, one stop for lunch, two stops for the tarp, and one stop for gas. It took us 7 hours! But we arrived on time!

Day 2.... Dumpsters! That is our crew name for the week! It was exciting to meet everyone from different places! Michaela - Texas! Craziest thing you will find! Olivia - Texas --Excited!
Kandis - Texas! Initial thoughts...quiet! I was wrong! Charles - Crew Chief - laid back! Jennifer - Louisiana! Reserved. Alexis Louisiana! Silent! Our other two members were coming in later. We went to worship at Trinity Baptist at Franklinton. That church is fabulous! They treated us like family.

Day 3...Work Day 1. It was hot. But that is not the hard part. It seemed like we had trouble getting started. We had two crews at our work site. The roofing team had to do some things before we could get started. It was hard to encourage the crew when I needed encouragement myself. We did very little Monday but I continued to pray for God to use us. Worship was amazing. Scott invited us to the altar to write down (on sticky notes) anything that was standing between us and our relationship with Jesus.

Day 4...Work Day 2...Yeah we finally worked today. I got paint on me. Our crew picked up because we actually got to do what we came to WC to do. Worship on Tuesday was my favorite. Concert of Prayer was the most awesome night. It was nice to go in and sit quietly. I think the most impressive thing was when Scott, Bethany, and David walked to the cross, where the sticky notes were, and began to shred them. It was an amazing moment. It has nothing to do with those three people. It was all about how Jesus takes our burdens and we can let it go.

Day 5...Work Day 3...only a half day of work and a half day of play! We had the best time with our group in New Orleans. Riverwalk, Bubba Gumps(coconut shrimp! YUM!), and Cafe De Monde. And the marathon we ran to get back to the van! Quincy was trying to get Kylie to the bathroom. Then the party! We busted up a 10 year anniversary for fraternity at the Hilton trying to get back to the van!

Day 6....Work Day 4...We worked hard getting the whole house painted! Our crew pulled together and worked so good together. It is amazing how God puts together a team and how you grow to love each and everyone of them!

Day 7....Final day of work! We had a busy day trying to finish so we could go to Sonic. It was hot and humid! It started off with rain but finished with sunshine and Sonic. Our crew pulled together and God used us! Later that night.....after closing celebration..I was walking out of the church and I ran into our home owner's family. I was so excited. But the best news...thirteen year old Allison gave her life and heart to Jesus. I was so excited I wanted to tell everyone. Strange thing...I was disappointed because we didn't get to spend much time with the during the week. But God works in amazing ways. Seems that Allison was watching from the window and porch. She and her brothers fell in love with me and I didn't even know. I guess you can be a witness to someone even through a window.

Day 8...the day to go home. Saying goodbye was hard. I really truly believe that some of our friends from WC 09 we will see again. They are friends for a lifetime. Diana and I are making plans to visit Texas! There was some grouchiness on the way home mostly from being tired. But everyone was glad for a great week, new friends, and to going home to our own beds.

I love World Changers and cannot wait until next year! God is amazing and awesome!

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Melissa said...

Sounds like you had fun!! I didn't realize that we were in New Orleans at the same time!!