Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Guatemala 2012

Last week was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. 

Guatemala 2012was great.
Most people would say that the time in the center was there favorite and even though I LOVED the children and the center.  I think what meant as much to me was the time spend to and from the center.  

Sunday night, Ron made the announcement that we would be riding 3 buses. 
1. Cynthia....for those that loved to sing.
2. Karina....for those that liked to visit but not as much as bus 1.
3. Ron.....for those that needed quiet.

I immediately knew what bus I wanted to get on.  Cynthia's BUS! Ron was soon taking back those words because he had not checked with Cynthia.  We would be assigned buses. :/

Monday morning was full of excitement.  The time had come that all of us had been waiting on....the work at the center.  We met in front of our hotel,  prayed, and wait....buses were to be loaded as first said!  Singing bus it would be for me!

This was the beginning of the church bus.  Remembering back the first day I sat by Chad.  He was put on the bus because there was not room on the other bus.  There was Rachel, Sarah, Alyssa, Julie, Cynthia, Matt, Claira Linda, Kelly Ann, Stephanie, Jenn, The Hensley's,  Ronda, Beth, Alejandra, Kealsy, Aunt Ruth, Shauna, Chad, and myself.  The ride to the center was full of chatter and visting.  We sang some of the Spanish songs that we had been trying to learn.  We did ok.  Hahaha! We were actually busy.  We were looking for the five "f's".
Freeway.  Forrest. Furniture. Farms. and Flowers.  Cynthia had made this up to help a previous group of teenagers make time pass faster. It worked on a group of ADD adults!  

Tuesday morning was my favorite.  We sang hymns, praise choruses, we worshiped. Scripture was read.  People gave testimonies.  Prayers were uttered.  It was a sweet sweet spirit.  ALL ON A BUS.  It was full of God's children who were not within the four wall of a beautiful building.  Felt no constraints.  Just a sweet time fellowshipping and worshipping with their brothers and sisters.

Our lives should be like this.  Free of worry. Free of  limitations. Just living a life that is God-centered, full of worship, and focused on HIM. Seems radical? 

Let's be different.  Lets stand out in a world that needs to see believers representing a wonderful, beautiful Savior and Lord that we worship.

I am not there yet. I am far from perfect but I want to live as I am on the church bus everyday of my life. Singing. Worshiping. Praying. Living for HIM.  Focused on Him. Encountering Him.

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